The Emo Light Cult

We all shine like stars...

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Welcome to the Emo Light Cult!

This community was made in honor to the person who took me out of my misery and constant anger and brought me into the Emo Light, Anthony V.

The members of this community have a different way of thinking about life, a whole different point of view. Within the paramters of sense, our belief system dictates that we should keep a positive outlook of life no matter what odds we might be faced against as individuals. Our task in this world is to enlighten the empty and lonely souls of this universe with the Light of the Emo. Each and every single member of the Emo Light Cult was initiated by one of the Emighty ones, Chris and Claudio.

Our Motto is:
We all Shine like Stars,
Then we fade away.

However, Us Emolightened people Always shine!

To get in touch with us, IM Chris: FaLLoUtBoY781 or Claudio: Ever1So1Sweet