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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2005|10:38 am]
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Coheed And Cambria Contest @ Soundnova.com [Oct. 13th, 2004|01:29 am]
In case you haven't had a chance to yet, there is a new Coheed And Cambria contest over at Soundnova.com

There are also contests going on from Lostprophets, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, and Le Tigre.

Click here to head on over.

(no subject) [Aug. 15th, 2004|11:12 pm]
yoo people. this is bridget i joined this community today. just wanted to say hi.. ok bye
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Wake up! [Jun. 18th, 2004|09:48 pm]
[Howdya feel? |sadsad]
[What's making you cry? |Saves The Day - See You]

This place needs to be revived... start posting people....
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(no subject) [Jun. 10th, 2004|12:52 am]


please :-)
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2004|02:15 am]
[Howdya feel? |calmcalm]
[What's making you cry? |AFFERENT ~ ER((damn i love that song))]

ok so we need to get this emo group thingiy up and goin again i miss the emo ppl we all never hang out togather so i say this friday we all chill and have a ((happy))emo time so post what u ppl wanna do im up for nething so lets go

30 AFFERENT((cP)))

ok so post,
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ELC BITXH [Mar. 25th, 2004|05:34 pm]
[What's making you cry? |The Polyphonic Spree - Its the sun]

Ok so we're in my house... Chris N I going over some cool shiznit and we came down to a conclusion... We're bringing toughness in the ELC BIYATCH!!! I mean, emo boys wont survive in this wolrd by crying to their mommies and making songs,,,No way... We need to defend ourselves... So we're gonna start training together on Muay Thai, Thai Boxing pretty soon... It kicks ass and all. Chris got pretty excited after watching some vidoes i have here... we were fkin pumped up lol... If anyone else is interested, get ahold of us for more info...
Soon we'll be the Emo Revolutionary Army damnit!!! ERA! hahaha

Chris - umm yea.. ELC bitCh! im gonna eat some more cookies now later.
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Mike's Application [Mar. 24th, 2004|07:14 pm]
[What's making you cry? |Postal Service - recycled air]

coolMS900: so why don't you ever wanna hang out with me?!?!?!
Ever 1so1 Sweet: me??
Ever 1so1 Sweet: pfffffff its u
coolMS900: hehe well you never ask me too
Ever 1so1 Sweet: cause ur always way too busy
coolMS900: haha well baseball, but any other time..i think i know why?!!
coolMS900: im not part of the " emo light cult" thingy right?
Ever 1so1 Sweet: yeah you discovered the truth
Ever 1so1 Sweet: you have me naked now
Ever 1so1 Sweet: lol
coolMS900: yea i knew it
coolMS900: its all good dude
Ever 1so1 Sweet: nut much i can do about it
Ever 1so1 Sweet: sry
coolMS900: not much to do about what?
Ever 1so1 Sweet: about u not being bpart of the great ELC
coolMS900: o yea i know that, who actually made it?
Ever 1so1 Sweet: me
Ever 1so1 Sweet: :-)
coolMS900: o
Ever 1so1 Sweet: to be a member you actuallyy have to apply, hang out in probation, make a song on the spot and if we want u to join take a piss in the foggy woods
Ever 1so1 Sweet: but its never foggy anymore
Ever 1so1 Sweet: so it wont be possible for a long time
Ever 1so1 Sweet: Ant, Chris n I did it
coolMS900: ok
Ever 1so1 Sweet: if u wanna be part, you have to worship the god of fog
Ever 1so1 Sweet: to give us a foggy day or something
coolMS900: yea, what about piara, gen what did they do?'
coolMS900: yea ok
Ever 1so1 Sweet: they arent part
Ever 1so1 Sweet: they're just ELC honoraries, but they aint got it cause they didnt piss
coolMS900: it says it in the community
Ever 1so1 Sweet: gen made an awesome song tho
coolMS900: o
Ever 1so1 Sweet: so that got her some emo points
Ever 1so1 Sweet: youre jewish so youre off to a bad start
Ever 1so1 Sweet: lol jk
coolMS900: yea its all good dude i understand
Ever 1so1 Sweet: first part of application
Ever 1so1 Sweet: whats the song youve cried the most too
Ever 1so1 Sweet: to*
coolMS900: ok
Ever 1so1 Sweet: answer
coolMS900: something corporate- i won't make you
Ever 1so1 Sweet: ::chuckles::
Ever 1so1 Sweet: ok
coolMS900: what?
coolMS900: lol
Ever 1so1 Sweet: ill submit that for review
coolMS900: ok
coolMS900: thats the application?
Ever 1so1 Sweet: another Q
coolMS900: k
Ever 1so1 Sweet: would you have sex with chris?
coolMS900: if i was a girl ..yes!!
Ever 1so1 Sweet: ok, next question
Ever 1so1 Sweet: peaches or bananas?
coolMS900: banans
Ever 1so1 Sweet: bad bad... bad choice
Ever 1so1 Sweet: hmmm
Ever 1so1 Sweet: how about grapes or blueberries?
coolMS900: o to you it is
coolMS900: grapes
Ever 1so1 Sweet: wtf!!!!
Ever 1so1 Sweet: whats wrong with you!!!
coolMS900: nuttin..that s what i lie
coolMS900: like*
coolMS900: i like them all but if i had to pick
coolMS900: that s what id chose
Ever 1so1 Sweet: ok listen
Ever 1so1 Sweet: one question
Ever 1so1 Sweet: that relates
coolMS900: ok
Ever 1so1 Sweet: whats the Cradle State for Emo people worldwide?
Ever 1so1 Sweet: whats the birth state of emo
coolMS900: New Jersey
Ever 1so1 Sweet: Good job, now look back to the other question
Ever 1so1 Sweet: NJ is the blueberry capital of the US whats wrong with you for gods sake!!!
Ever 1so1 Sweet: you dissapoint me mike
coolMS900: nuttin it was a hard pic
Ever 1so1 Sweet: you really do
coolMS900: yea its ok..i hear it all the time..so its ok
Ever 1so1 Sweet: alright ok im being to tough on you
Ever 1so1 Sweet: im sorry
Ever 1so1 Sweet: see, thats part of the emo love, being able to recognize your errors
coolMS900: nah don'tbe sry
Ever 1so1 Sweet: last question
coolMS900: ok
Ever 1so1 Sweet: what do you think of when I say "Indian Summer"?
coolMS900: umm..give me a sec
coolMS900: peaceful summer?
Ever 1so1 Sweet: alright... thanks for completing the pre aplication
Ever 1so1 Sweet: well get back to u shortly
Ever 1so1 Sweet: btw, Indian Summer is one of the Mother Bands of Emo of all time
coolMS900: o i didnt know that
Ever 1so1 Sweet: bigest influence for most emo/emcore/screamo bands of all time
Ever 1so1 Sweet: just to broaden your knowledge
Ever 1so1 Sweet: btw this is going in my journal...funny as hell :D
Ever 1so1 Sweet: thanks for you cooperation
Ever 1so1 Sweet: any last words/pleas?
coolMS900: k thanx..im gonna listen to them in a few
coolMS900: downl;oad or something
coolMS900: when will i know the results?..and what is the actuall test?
coolMS900: application*
Ever 1so1 Sweet: soon... soon enough
Ever 1so1 Sweet: patience, thats another emo quality
Ever 1so1 Sweet: Oh I forgot 1 thing
coolMS900: k i was just askin dude
coolMS900: ok
Ever 1so1 Sweet: give me in 1 sentence the most emo phrase you could eversay
Ever 1so1 Sweet: you as a person
Ever 1so1 Sweet: ill give you 10 seconds
Ever 1so1 Sweet: 5 left
Ever 1so1 Sweet: I apologize
Ever 1so1 Sweet: my computer malfunctioned
Ever 1so1 Sweet: so the last question is in fact 2 questions in 1
coolMS900: its kol
coolMS900: ok
coolMS900: shoot it
Ever 1so1 Sweet: 1st part, fill in the rest
coolMS900: k
Ever 1so1 Sweet: Would someone please call a surgeon that can.....
Ever 1so1 Sweet: 5 seconds
Ever 1so1 Sweet: 4
Ever 1so1 Sweet: 3
coolMS900: fix my life
Ever 1so1 Sweet: 2
Ever 1so1 Sweet: eeeeeeeeeeeee ran outa time
Ever 1so1 Sweet: ill take that as your final answer
Ever 1so1 Sweet: and the second part is
Ever 1so1 Sweet: say the emoest phrase ever
coolMS900: it was my final..hehe
Ever 1so1 Sweet: that will move my heart
coolMS900: i did already
Ever 1so1 Sweet: what is it?
coolMS900: i cry myself to sleep thinking of you
Ever 1so1 Sweet: no lyrics allower
coolMS900: thats not..i just thought abou tit
Ever 1so1 Sweet: mkay.. that was a good one
coolMS900: thanx
Ever 1so1 Sweet: okay ill submit this along with your picture and your name Michael Spielman
coolMS900: spielmanN***
coolMS900: hehe
Ever 1so1 Sweet: haha
Ever 1so1 Sweet: Good try
Ever 1so1 Sweet: not quite enough tho
Ever 1so1 Sweet: lol just kidding
Ever 1so1 Sweet: alright im gonna go cook the most favored food by emoboys
Ever 1so1 Sweet: you know what that is?
coolMS900: hehe
coolMS900: i don't think so
Ever 1so1 Sweet: Tacos
Ever 1so1 Sweet: Also Afferent's official food
coolMS900: omg i was thinnking that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!
coolMS900: yea i know
Ever 1so1 Sweet: lol
Ever 1so1 Sweet: ok late
coolMS900: l8r dude
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um i dont know [Mar. 23rd, 2004|08:44 pm]
[Howdya feel? |calmcalm]
[What's making you cry? |THE SOUND OF THE KEYBOARD AS I TYPE]

yo ppl i guess ill write an entry cuz noone wirtes in this beotch

so theri are acoupla of concerts cumin up and i dont know mabe u ppl wanna go so im me or post soem shit or do what ever pl doin in communities or whatever

"im not crying im emo"

lol ok peace
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AFFERENTS DEMO [Mar. 20th, 2004|10:59 pm]
[Howdya feel? |bouncybouncy]

ok just to let all my emo buddies that afferents demo is comin out soon and it woul dbe a big help it teh emolight cult could help support this big enevt by getting out on the street and spreading the word abou tit its 5 bucka probly and 4 great songs go on my livejournal to get the listings and im startin up a street thingiy will talk more abou tit in the meetign one day if we ever have one and so just post and if my lovely group members who get ppl who want to buy the cd just givem my screen name or have them post on my livejournal or on this one thad me great thanx .

((~<3~)) PEACE
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